Taking architectural 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity with BIM data attached

Get a UV & optimised model with database access to BIM data automatically - in minutes not hours!

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Bridging the gap between BIM and Game Engines

Converting architectural models to virtual models has previously been an uphill struggle and error-prone work. Tridify has developed an easy and fast workflow for Unity developers to import BIM models and data to Unity Editor for all kinds of use cases, from simulation through to XR applications.

From experience, the building design process can have up to 15 iterations that customers want to visualise in VR or other 3D platforms. When there are changes made to the BIM, the whole model must be reimported to Unity and all the previously made Unity tasks to the model must be redone again and again.

We’ve created Tridify Convert so you can take 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity with BIM data attached. The most painful tasks like UV-generation and material mapping are automated, plus with our IFC Tools for Unity Editor, you can utilise an advanced search function, set automatic lighting and much more! 


Tridify gives much needed support in the fast-paced property transaction and leasing market. We can understand our customers’ needs better and respond to the more quickly and effectively.

Tomi Grönlund, Head of Transactions, Aberdeen Asset Management

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